Sale conditions

Paris shuttle transfer

Terms and conditions of sale of Central Paris shuttle Airport

Conditions of transport for customers and their luggage.

Between the destinations defined and the company.

All operation make on the web site paris airports shuttle are governed by the French law. However if are a different happens, the court of Paris would be only resolve was proficient different regardless of any other jurisdiction.

Terms and conditions.
All clients must accept all the terms and conditions of the carrier.  Not doing so would make the right to compensation of no clients and no effect. These terms and conditions must be read and approved before the client buys the service of the company. All clients using the service of the carrier must be in possession of a printed confirmation / reservation form.
In the case where the client does not a printed confirmation, the company reserves the right to refuse the transfer or travel or even demand payment at the full rate, at the rate announced on the site of the company. There is as of insurance for cancellation included in the price quoted on the web site. Each client must verify that risk has necessaries for his travel documents.

Reservation procedure.
The service of the carrier cannot be used by prior reservation. The company is held by the French law of 11/02/1986 article 5, to be in possession of a manifest or a document which clearly indicates the name of the company and the client and its destination. The reservation will not be accepted if the request is compatible with the regulations imposed on Transport Company.
The client is responsible for ensuring that all the information provided at time of booking is correct. A reservation request cannot be considered as accepted or confirmed until the client got transport company confirmation email.
Prices listed on this site are in Euros and include applicable taxes, unless otherwise stated.  Any command or reservation will be confirmed only after payment by credit card using the secure payment through Transport Company. After payment, the companies send a mail confirmation: this form should be printed as proof of payment and must be presented to the driver or to the person in charge of the service.  Before any booking, the client must verify that it can print his vouchers.
Booking restrictions

The service provided by the carrier is available to the customer depending on whether the conditions are met and the rules followed.
For the customers using the shared shuttle on arrival or a departure of airports Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais
The shared service is available between 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and 7 days on 7.

The transporter cannot offer shared services only within the limits adjacent municipalities of Paris
In the case where the customer wishes to be transported to or from an address in the Parisian suburbs outside the limits indicated above, the carrier reserves the right to either to refuse such a request or applied rate for a private service, that because of the distance. This amount varies with the time of day / transfer, location and distance of the request.

For the customers using the private services on arrival or departure of airports Charles de Gaulle, Orly or Beauvais all destinations. The private service is available 24:00 for day, and 7 days a week. However a tariff increase of 15% will be applied at night between 9:00 pm and 6h00 am.
Reservation changes and refunds and cancellations.
All complaints requesting restitution / compensation must be written, either by e-mail or mail and sent to the carrier. It will be studied and a decision will be made within 28 days of receipt of the complaint. Until that the complaint has been studied in depth the carrier accept no responsibility.
All changes or cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the transfer. The carrier will do everything possible to accommodate customers despite the changes, however the carrier reserves the right to refuse.

All changes or cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the transfer. The carrier will do everything possible to accommodate customers despite the changes, however the carrier reserves the right to refuse.  Any order can be cancelled (or modified) by sending a request in writing either by e-mail or by mail at the following address: Any modifications must be requested, if possible, at least three days before the date of the transfer. For any cancellation made by the client, the following cancellation fees apply:
• more than 72 hours before the transfer, 10% of the global
• of 48 to 72 hours before the transfer, 25% of the total price
• from 24 to 48 hours before the transfer, 50% of the total price
less than 24 hours step of payment of restitution.

Please note that the making of any order or reservation on our Web site, means a full and irrevocable agreement to the present terms and conditions: as a result, the client agrees to pay for all confirmed bookings and orders online.
All service provided by the carrier must be prepaid.  The client should print the confirmation of transfer / good, at time of reservation and provide at the request of the driver or the head of his home at the time of his transfer.  The customer must ensure that the voucher is sufficiently clear and legible and is consistent with the transfer.  • In the case where the client does not his print of confirmation /, the client must pay the price for the transfer, directly to the driver.

The Children
The children aged less than 2 years will be transported free of charge, provided that they are maintained in the arms of the parent.  All children occupying a seat, he will be asked to pay the full fare. There is no obligation for the carrier to provide seats for.

Personal data
The personal data of the customer will be used only by the carrier and will not transmit to third parties with the exception of the police and Government authorities, if the authorities made the request.

Arrival procedure.
The client must follow the arrival procedure of the carrier.
The arrival procedure is always clearly indicated in the confirmation of reservation sent by the company to the customers. If there are any problems contact us at 0810 555 550 or by email the client will be then directed to a specific meeting point where it will find its driver. Only the driver will determine when the vehicle may leave the airport and in which clients will be deposited to their destination.

Late arrivals.
For privates transfers, the carrier can to wait until an hour after the estimated time of arrival of the flight, after this time, the carrier will try, without obligation to transfer the client arrived in late, but way will not assume any additional costs that the late arrival will put result for the Client.
The Client must call the carrier at least 24 hours before their departure, from Paris or the places of their origin, to confirm their pick-up.
The customers who wish use the retur from Paris to airpor must to respect the schedules of care provided by the company.

The departure procedure,
The pick-up from Paris to Paris will always to be fixed 3 hours before the flight departure.

In t case that the client does not respect the schedule, nealy 10 minutes of the pick-up of carrier, will wait a maximun 5 minutes before the departure time from the adress of customer. After this period the carrier is not responsible for the client and reserve the rightbnot to pay it back. At no trime, the carrier is not resposible for any any customer who misse a fligth, a train, a meeting or a connection.

Strikes and protest.

The Carrier is not responsible for the delays, flights, connection missed,and additional costs incurred by the client, following astrike and events that might take place in France and worldwide.
During these times the carreir reserve the right to change the booking the confirmation and the pick-up time as it deems appropriate.

War and terrorism.
the crrier is not resposible fo a delays, flight, connection missed and additional cost incurred by the customer for act od war or terrorism that may take place both in France and worldwide. Durring these time the carrier reserve the right to modify the reservationconfirmation pick-up times as it deems appropriate.

The safety  Office.
All guest are requiered to respect the local laws and the regulations. In accordance with the French law of circulation, all customers must then to wear seatbelts at all time in the car transporting them.
The driver reserve the right to refuse any customer who may be considered dirty dangerous drunk or smooth journey.
Any customer request to exit from vehicledurin its transfer may be denied by the Driver, if the situation present a danger to himself and other passengers, if the application off the vehicle happens to be place other than ist destination.It  main no clam a partial or full refundof his paiement and the carrier shall not be liable for any additional cost incurred by the customer.

Chils seats.
The carrier does not provide the child seats. The customer who bring their own child seat, must take full resposibility for installing the seat and safety of the childwho are seated. The customer who use the child seats will be charged as adult.

The customer can take a bag or medium sized suitcase an a normal hand luaggage for free. The carrier reserve the right to ask the payment of an extra charge for any item additional. Where there would not be enough space for other customers buying intentions, the carrier reserve the rigth to deny boarding of the customer. A request out charge for objects or luggages bulky, can be requested to carrier, taking into account the true burden of that for the carrier.

Damaged or lost property.
The carrier is not responsibile for any loss or damage to property of customers that may occur during the transport, the loading or unloading. All items and objects found in the vehicle will be collected by the carrier. The custoer qwho wish to recover  them, will do 24hours, beyons this time it will be forwarded directly to Paris Prefecture office, which manages the lost and found, located rue des Morillons Paris 15th.

The carrier reserves the rigth to accept the animals. In case where there is plenty of space for take other passenger. The large animals should be caged and placed at the back of the vehicle, a price is applicable for this type of transportation.

Under extreme conditions the carrier reserve the rigth to replace its regular vehicles with alternative means of transport, taxi, sedans, minibeses or buses.

The customers are advised that all vehicle provide by the carrier are no smokers.

Company adress and contact.
Paris Shuttle Transfer 142 rue de Clignancourt 75018 Paris, France.